In a world in constant change, people always want more and better! Bad experiences can quickly drive consumers away due to unfriendly service, lack of company trust and unknowledgeable employees. On the other side, speed and efficiency, knowledgeable and helpful employees and convenience matters the most when it comes to customer experience. The real estate industry is changing as well. Here are the vision and key focus for ARQUI300 on how deliver the best CX. Virtual to Real

More than deliver or provide an end product, in order to guarantee a good experience, you should provide a personalized service that is delivered on-demand, while ensuring transparency at every stage.

In areas such as Architecture and Real Estate, how can we help you deliver a better experience to your customers?

Update your website, blog, FAQ’s, personal pages, social media

With the majority of consumers using the internet these days at a starting point for research, it’s crucial that your web pages are always up to date with all information (opening hours and contact information are the most value information). Lack of company trust is a key factor in driving customer away from your business.

Also, don’t forget to create different blog posts and FAQ’s for your target segments so that they can select the information that is relevant to them. This can help manage expectations and help you win more clients in the long run.

3D experience: Discover our Design & Corporate Communication services

Another way you can provide prospects to your customers is through Augmented Reality and 3D projects. These technologies are revolutionizing these sectors by providing an unmatched experience sellers, buyers and agents, allowing them to take a virtual tour of the properties without physically being there.

The growing impact of this service is undeniable and felt in all industries. From futuristic master planning to the real experience of inspiring architecture spaces that transform our cities, the need to deliver the best experience is a requirement today.

This will help you give a new look to your customers and allow them to see the concretization of the project instead of just imagine it.

Personalize Customer Experiences: Discover our Augmented Reality and 3D services



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